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Shelley Landgraf

Chief Executive Officer

Shelley Landgraf is the industry expert at conceiving, leading and executing corporate and brand-based cost-savings initiatives, optimizing production budgets, helping brands mitigate risk, getting cash rebates and leveraging advertiser spends for superior production quality at unprecedented cost savings.

In 2014, Shelley developed and created LGdirect, Inc., a marketer-to- production-direct business model that takes advantage of outsourcing production and the huge cost savings that results. Combined with shooting in production incentive states, the model is a trifecta.

Shelley is also owner/founder of the Landgraf Consulting Group, Inc., an independent advertising production consulting firm. Shelley is dedicated to reliably and creatively delivering cost savings. This is a result of 25 years of her 360° industry experience (acting, line producing, agency producing, advertising marketing consulting), industry immersion and nerve. Working with marketers, agencies and procurement professionals, Shelley brings an experienced and critical perspective to the business of advertising production. 

Shelley has been an active member of the ANA Production Management Committee for over 15 years. LGdirect, Inc. was designated a Woman Owned Business in 2015.

Katie Stuart

Katie Stuart

Senior Vice President, Production

Some people are creative, others excel at project logistics and organizational details. Katie is an account director, creative producer and an expert in production business affairs.  She's great at all three.  A skilled communicator, Katie builds strong, enduring and profitable business relationships.  She inspires the trust from clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders that business strategies are executed to the highest standards. 

Katie Stuart

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